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An Engaging Team Sport: Horseback Riding

After more than a year of pandemic quarantine, many of us are starved for contact, for interactions—a hug, a shared joke, and unmasked smiles. A pet is one way to safely share a hug and enjoy time with a friend—a … Continue reading

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Summer’s end: Pearl & Pablo have headed south

October is upon us with rustling leaves and vees of geese, calling as they pass overhead.   Our dear ospreys too have taken flight.  Oscar and Opal left in mid-September, accompanied by their two well-fledged offspring. But not before one … Continue reading

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Apologies to a tiny turtle

On my walk this morning, I came upon a tiny turtle,  brown and about the size of a silver dollar.  At first I thought it was just a dry leaf, and I nearly stepped on it.  But I paused to admire its … Continue reading

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The Grand Old Osprey

They’ve enjoyed 11 years in their little nest with a harbor view, through good times and bad – Hurricane Isabel in 2003, the hatching and departure of all those dear chicks over the years, the surveillance caper in 2010.  They’re … Continue reading


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