We Meet Again – reuniting with Oscar and Opal

Today marked the first time in 17 months I have been able to walk around the Naval Academy – a walk I’ve enjoyed for 20 years. Not only was it a pleasure to return to the trees and waterway views I’ve enjoyed for many years, but I had the added bonus of sharing the delights with Larry. We had a leisurely walk, and I tried not to be too anxious about my old friends, the ospreys Opal & Oscar, who’ve nested at the Academy for many years.

My heart stopped as we approached the outer perimeter of the “Yard” where we could see the field-light pole and the sturdy nest perched on top. One of my old friends – Oscar or Opal, was on the adjacent pole. I will look forward to keeping a look out for both old friends over the coming weeks.

I also observed over the soccer field a second nest, perhaps one of Oscar & Opal’s progeny. I didn’t see the birds or get close enough to see the nest’s construction. I’ll keep you updated.

About J. F. Booth

I am a writer and educator.
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2 Responses to We Meet Again – reuniting with Oscar and Opal

  1. nlg49@charter.net says:

    I’m so glad the Naval Academy is back open. One by one, things are returning to normal.


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