Warning: following are 2 poems I’ve written (In case you’re not fond of poetry, you may want to skip this entry; I will understand.)


Grief is the tear we wipe away, embarrassed,

the gasp in the dark, phones ringing through the night.

Grief tastes of Mother’s pies that no one’s mastered,

the smell of Dad’s tobacco, pipes so long gone cold.

Grief sits with us in joyful hours, and in our loneliness,

asking the questions for which no answers come.

Grief tells us what we do not wish to know.

Wild Mercy

Colors turn,

A blush, a flash of fire,

Leaves falling – kept promises.

Spring’s promises:

Robins’ breasts on fire,

Bulbs bursting – their turn.

I rise and turn,

Old hands toward the fire.

What do I bring to spring’s promise?

Like the leaves, it is my turn

To feed the fire

That helps the stars to turn.


About J. F. Booth

I am a writer and educator.
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5 Responses to Warning: following are 2 poems I’ve written (In case you’re not fond of poetry, you may want to skip this entry; I will understand.)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Powerful matched with lovely words. I hope you have more of these to share.
    Margaret W

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jan, for me your “grief” poem hits home. Mom and Dad died 26 years ago, within only a few months of one another. I had supposed that their felt sense would fade over time. But it’s the opposite. As I grow older I find comfort in feeling we may somehow be together again. For me, such thoughts are soothing.

  3. nlg49@charter.net says:

    I enjoyed both poems! I feel both poems can only really truly be understood by someone our age. You have to live it to know it. Well Done!! Love you.


  4. mcashimcassociatesnet says:

    Good morning Jan,

    I hope that this email finds you well. Larry tells me that you keep quite busy. I think that’s great. It is good to feel productive and accomplish meaningful tasks. I know that is what you do.

    I enjoyed your poems. Especially the one about Grief. It is something that we all feel in different stages of our life.

    Hope you are having a good week. Stay safe and stay well.

    Mike Cash

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  5. Barbara says:

    Lovely! Thanks for having the courage to share your poems!

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