Pet-friendly Home Decorating

Stop, In the Name of Love


Feb. 11, 2020    What’s Up? Magazine


About J. F. Booth

I am a writer and educator.
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3 Responses to Pet-friendly Home Decorating

  1. says:

    This was so interesting, but had I read it before Halli came along, I probably would have never allowed her inside. In the living room, my chair is still covered with a sheet. In the dining room, all of my knitting bags are set up high and tight to keep her out. In the bathroom, the shower curtain is flung up over the rod so she can’t climb it any more. Long story short, she has seen to it the house is completely rearranged. But as you say, we love our pets.


  2. This is a wonderful article with old information made new. The photos made my day; and made all the lights go on with goodwill. I love Janice Booth’s writing!

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