A Crazy Quilt of Handy Hints for Gardeners


What's Up? Media

Jul. 12, 2019


About J. F. Booth

I am a writer and educator.
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3 Responses to A Crazy Quilt of Handy Hints for Gardeners

  1. nlg49@charter.net says:

    Love it!! My favorite is the garden twine in the small flower pot. How cute!! I’m also forwarding this to Jeff since he has moles in his yard. Keep your fingers crossed. Love you, Nancy


  2. mcash@imcassociates.net says:

    Hi Jan,

    Thank you for all those unique, functional and time-saving gardening tips. I’m sure that I can put some of them to good use. Most of my gardening (planting) is done at this time and now it’s just a weeding and watering. I will reread your post and make some notes for next year.

    Hope you, Larry and Zoe are all well and enjoying our summer weather whatever it may be.

    Thanks for always being informative and entertaining. Stay well.

    Mike Cash

  3. jo dallas says:

    lots of good tips . Especially like the herb solution . Onions , garlic & chives to repel mosquitoes , good idea & healthy for ourselves . Thank Jan

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