Writing about agriculture is fascinating.

Here are some of my recent articles for Lancaster Farming.  (Friends are wondering what I’ve been up to. )

Maryland Farmers Discuss Ag Policy.Selective Focus Photography of Vegetables in Basket

And here’s one on a dangerously hardy weed threatening farm productivity, “Eradicating Palmer Amaranth.”

Value Added Agriculture” is an important innovation in marketing farm products.

And one more of my recent articles for Lancaster Farming, “International Markets for Farmers Products.”  



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I am a writer and educator.
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3 Responses to Writing about agriculture is fascinating.

  1. mcash@imcassociates.net says:

    Hi Jan,

    Thanks for your new post. Although agriculture is not one of my favorite topics I do enjoy seating and viewing birds throughout the year. I used to put out regular birdseed but he got too many blackbirds. They are not only not attracted but they also keep the other birds getting to the seed.

    My solution was to feed the finches with their special birdseed. I also put out suet cakes.. I do have a water plate but I do not maintain it well I’m sure that you can get a device that will keep the water from freezing or safe additives.

    I’m in the middle of getting out my billing so I don’t have time to read the article on the birds but I did print it out and plan to read it in one of my morning soaking in my Jacuzzi tub. Unfortunately, that is about the only time I allow myself the luxury of reading.

    I hope that you and Larry and Zoe are well. I’m looking forward to seeing Larry next week.

    I enjoyed reading the quote by Wm. Maxwell “The great, the universal problem is how to be always on a journey…”

    Mike Cash

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    Law Office Consulting & Advisory Services

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  2. I never cared much about gardening before Janice Booth. Then I got hooked on her writing and who knows? I may even plant a seed or two before I am through.But I know I’ll keep reading to see how.

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