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Should I Have Asked for an Autograph?

Source: Undercover Stars Among Us | What’s Up Magazine

Have you walked past someone on the sidewalk or waited at a counter next to someone who looked vaguely familiar? Something about her smile, about his gesture draws your attention, suggested that this was someone you should know. And, you may be right. You may be reacting to a certain poise and confidence, an indefinable quality of character.

Some notable, even famous people call Annapolis and the Eastern Shore “home.” You may know him as the guy who walks the handsome dog, or she’s the woman with the infectious smile, but in their worlds—the worlds of art, literature, music, and scholarship, they are stars, even supernovas.

Let me introduce you to just a few of our brilliant and famous, neighbors: Dr. Eva Brann, archeologist, translator, philosopher, author, pedagogue; Grace Cavalieri, poet, playwright, radio host; Brian Ganz, concert pianist, essayist, pedagogue; Leonard Koscianski, contemporary artist; Ulrika Leander, fiber & tapestry artist.


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    What a great article. I loved it!!


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