I Do Declare!

Envision a group of talented and accomplished artists in a sun-filled room, the backdrop: boats bobbing in a picturesque anchorage.  Now, add voices, some impassioned and some soft, speaking of successes and failures; hear the laughter in response to shared tales of memorable words and deeds – both helpful and hurtful, the murmurs of recognition and support.

You’re with me now, sharing my afternoon.. learning another form of gratitude.

I spent several hours recently talking with and listening to artists; painters, composers, potters, writers, musicians, and poets who magically apply a variety of talents and tools to create something entirely new and intriguing. They are compelled to create, and in doing so they make the world lovely, wise, sweet, raucous, pungent… and so much more.  

Gratitude is the emotion that washed over me as I listened to their observations and anecdotes.                                   


Artists, whose lives are driven by their desire to create, courageously launch their hearts and souls into the world manifesting their thoughts and feelings in music, on canvas, in clay, and in words. How often have I glibly passed judgement on this sculpture or that song, this short story or that play? I may not have given a thought to the artist’s courage when she or he labored alone to create that work. (And, yes, I know there is no need for that insight to play a part in my response to a work of art.)

But I do want to make a declaration here and now:  Thank you, to the beautiful minds, generous hearts and talented hands that create, and courageously share what they create with us all.



About J. F. Booth

I am a writer and educator.
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10 Responses to I Do Declare!

  1. Rem says:

    Truly a Writer at heart – posts done with mastery and good taste, besides being beautiful, Jan with quality planning a passage of an articles and shows willingness to achieve a result of excellence. The work in harmony of a creative Writer and a patient Readers, is the formula for success.
    Warm regards,

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jan, I was truly “blown away” with your beautiful piece! As I was reading it to John my voice
    cracked and my eyes filled with tears! Your words touched our hearts. Thank you lovely friend!
    Pat and John

  3. Molly W says:

    Thank YOU for writing about it!

  4. debrabook says:

    Absolutely love your perspective on artists and gratitude. We are most grateful for your artistic, and compassionate, insight through your writing. Another beautiful blog! Thank you.

  5. vdcone2014 says:

    I love how you express yourself. Thank you for reminding me of the hard work and courage to create, whatever the medium. Gratitude is one of the best attitudes.

  6. Ann Kennedy says:

    Dear Jan, you always express valuable insights in such a thoughtful, beautiful way. I really like this reflection. It must have been such a life-giving gathering! I join you in being grateful for those gifted creative souls, including you yourself!

  7. Lovely Jan..I had a friend one time, who was a writer. She is passed away now. She had a therapist that helped her with her emotional issues and brought her back from the brink by telling her, creativity lies right next to love. I would take it further..creativity is love. “Beauty is truth and truth is beauty.

  8. shirleyberson says:

    Beautifully written.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is so true and while I may have few creative talents of my own, I am definitely an appreciator and I firmly believe that contributes to the art community in a tangible way.

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