Oscar & Opal Osprey are back!

Just a quick update for those of you who may remember my posting on the Naval Academy’s resourceful osprey couple, Opal and Oscar.  (See July 18, 2012)

You may remember that the devoted couple has survived hurricanes and “cherry picker invasions.”  Last summer, after the installation of a surveillance camera next to their nest on their light pole,  they relocated from their grand, 2-story nest to a smaller bungalow-nest just a few light poles away, still overlooking the Severn River and Annapolis harbor. 

Of course, they wintered in the south.  But… they’re back!

 The happy couple seems to be expecting.  They’re sharing nesting duties and putting their home to rights.  And, apparently, their nursery requirements meant a return to the grand, 2-story nest.  This makes 12 years in residence.

And, if I’m not mistaken, their seems to be a young couple taking over the smaller, newer nest just down the way.  I suspect they’re Opal and Oscar’s off-spring.  I doubt that Oscar would tolerate strangers moving in and taking over the nest he and Opal built only last fall.

If the second generation remains, I’ll have to come up with names for the newly weds.

I’ll keep you posted!   


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10 Responses to Oscar & Opal Osprey are back!

  1. Ann and Rick Kennedy says:

    Dear Jan,
    That was a surprise! Thanks for keeping watch for us. I thought when I saw this that it was earlier than usual that they returned, and I see from your other respondents that is true! Love to follow their activities through your eyes, so observant and kind, just like you!

  2. Lori Ezell says:

    Every time Lilly and I take our walks in that area, we look for Opal and Oscar’s perch. Glad they’re back now!

  3. Thank you Jan for cherishing everything and letting us know about it

  4. Anonymous says:

    So glad that our favorite Osprey family is back in Annapolis. I wonder if Oscar and Opal will ever want to meet the new reality entertainment stars, Tom and Audrey, who have a summer home on the Eastern Shore. They will probably will be too busy raising their new family to socialize. Do keep us posted.
    Mary Kay Honeycutt

  5. Mike Cash says:

    Thanks. Looking forward to future updates.

    Mike Cash

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  6. Zelley Barbara says:

    How exciting! With the osprey here, can kayaks be far behind? I think not!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to have such a longstanding relationship of love and respect with these beautiful creatures? Thanks for reminding me — and filling me in on the next generation! Elizabeth

  8. Molly W says:

    The osprey seemed to be like the groundhog this year–jumped the gun a bit. At SpinSheet, we had our first report of an osprey sighting on the Magothy River on Feb. 25! That’s 3+ weeks earlier than usual. The return of the osprey always makes me happy!

  9. Carolyn Egeli says:

    They do lift our spirits up, don’t they? Thank you Jan!

  10. Linda Conroy says:

    Glorious pictures!!! This article made my spirits dance with joy on this lovely sunny day here in Bellingham, WA. Jan, I soooo hope you can feel the hug I am sending you via this email. Just reading your article makes you feel almost present in the same room with me now. love, Linda

    Linda Conroy Stillpoint at Beckside Retreat Center http://www.Stillpointatbeckside.com

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