One of my articles published recently in Lancaster Farming

Md. Farm Advocate Uses Planning, Perseverance and Patience – Lancaster Farming.       

Here’s a recent article I wrote on a dynamic lobbyist for the Maryland Farm Bureau, Valerie Connelly [right], pictured here with State Delegate Kelly Schulz.  The article is in Lancaster Farming, an agricultural weekly.


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I am a writer and educator.
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2 Responses to One of my articles published recently in Lancaster Farming

  1. Linda Conroy says:

    Very energizing article. Always exciting to read about women who are both successful and “genuine”.

  2. Zelley Barbara says:

    I like how you kept the article focused on Connelly’s effectiveness at her job and the qualities of her personality. Knowing this was an article for a specific audience, it was interesting to me to see it keep a focus on her work without needing to get into the issues that may pit farmers against Bay advocates. Must have been a bit of a tightrope to walk! The article created a portrait of a very vivacious, hard working and capable person producing results for her constituency. Any subscriber would be proud!

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