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October’s garden column: Winterizing

Winter Gardens BY JANICE F. BOOTH OCT. 24, 2020 What’s Up? Magazine & e-zine With winter approaching, our gardens, whatever their sizes, remind us that summer has ended. That pretty, red geranium won’t last past the first frost; our Hellebores will … Continue reading

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August’s Gardening column from What’s Up? Media

Gardening’s For the Birds BY JANICE F. BOOTH AUG. 19, 2020 PrintExpand As summer draws to a close, we can look ahead to autumn’s delights. One of fall’s pleasures may be enjoying your fall garden. The little joys—the unremitting blooms of … Continue reading

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New Friends With Feathers…

Summer is passing, if at a pace a bit slower than in years past. I, along with ordinary citizens, have been barred from my usual morning walk around the Naval Academy Yard due to the dangers of spreading COVID-19. And … Continue reading

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Minimalism in the Garden

HomeHome and GardenGarden Minimalism in the Garden BY JANICE F. BOOTH JUN. 12, 2020 Minimalism has become a hallmark of contemporary architecture and interior design. Muted colors, simple lines, geometric shapes, clear vistas, and clean surfaces are characteristics of minimalism. Minimalists … Continue reading

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Divine Decks & Perfect Patios – April, 2020

Home and Garden What’s Up? Magazine Divine Decks & Perfect Patios BY JANICE F. BOOTH APR. 17, 2020 What if you could rub Aladdin’s lamp or wave a magic wand and your home would expand by one additional room? How would … Continue reading

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