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I am a writer and educator.

Talkin’ Dirt: Conversations with Your Gardener

BY JANICE F. BOOTH  OCT. 12, 2022 It’s not easy keeping up with the weeds, or those hardy Weigela shrubs or the Pampas grass. And then there’s the watering and edging, and trimming, and dividing and replanting that gardens require. Whew! … Continue reading

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A Few Exotic Suggestions for Your Garden

BY JANICE F. BOOTH  SEP. 07, 2022 Looking back over the summer’s rich bounty in my garden, it occurred to me that I’ve relied almost exclusively on plants and shrubs that are “sure things.” I know the habits and requirements of … Continue reading

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from the Fall Issue of UpStART Magazine

VERSE – Other Songs, Other Rooms By Janice F. Booth   Photos by Jody Robinson What happens when you bring together a musician-composer, two journalists, a lawyer-portraitist, abstract expressionist painter, and a designer-artist? Sometimes, you get poetry—that is, if you’re under the spell … Continue reading

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Attention Must Be Paid!

A Must-See Exhibit of Botanical Drawings by Anna Harding BY JANICE F. BOOTH  Anna Harding’s exhibition is titled Wake Up: We Need Everybody. Images courtesy Anna Harding Backyard Birds 2 The branch, from left to right: Fish Crow, Rufous Towhee, Wood Thrush, … Continue reading

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A group reading from The Song In the Room

You may be interested in hearing readings from the poems in our collection. Each of us reads several poems, and we’re in alphabetical order, so my reading comes first after the introduction.

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